How to Create Spirit at Work and Flourish

What would it be like to flourish at work? Feel energized, inspired and excited about work? Find meaning and fulfillment through work? To make a contribution? This is spirit at work and the power is within each of us to create it, simply by rethinking work. Research proves that by simply rethinking your work, you can have a profound sense of well-being, renewed enthusiasm for your work and increased job satisfaction. Everything changes with spirit at work.

In this home study, Dr. Val Kinjerski, a leading authority in the field, shares findings from a decade of results-based research, supplemented by the latest findings in the field of positive psychology. This timely and important research shows that anyone can be inspired at work. What matters most is not what work you do or where you work, but how you think about it. Spirit at work is available to everyone and can and should be fostered.

This course is for people who aspire to assess, cultivate, and experience spirit at work. Upon completion of this 6 (or 18)credit Category A, ACSW approved workshop applicable to all social work categories, you will be able to:

  • Describe spirit at work, including the four dimensions that comprise spirit at work.
  • Examine how defining moments impact one’s world view and career choice.
  • Explain the four paths to spirit at work
  • Complete the Spirit at Work Scale and compare your spirit at work score to the norm. (18 credit course only)
  • Identify and experience four key actions to foster spirit at work.
  • Create a personal plan to enhance your spirit at work.


Read the book and complete the post test for 6 CEUs.
Or, complete the accompanying guidebook for an additional 12 CEUs (18 in total).

Only $99 for 6 credits (includes book: Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters). $199 for 18 credits (includes book and guidebook).

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