Kaizen Solutions offers online eCourses and Self-Studies that help people flourish by (re)awakening the human spirit. All of our eCourses are designed to include the latest research and provide opportunities for reflection and focused conversation. CEs are available. Upon completion, participants say that they experience a major shift in how they live, work and practice.

Sign up for one of our eCourses and join a group of like-minded people interested in exploring this particular topic. Or, sign up for a self-study, and go it alone, at your own pace.

Alternatively, contact us to sign up as a group, team, or organization and have the eCourse customized to fulfill your needs. We have many courses that we only offer on demand to intact groups.


We Don’t Offer Just Any Distance Learning Courses

We like to think that our eCourses and Self-Studies are different. How, you ask?

  1. The aim of every eCourse and Self-Study is to enhance well-being: ours, those we serve, or the organization.
  2. All eCourses are interactive and based on a social learning model. In addition to the material provided, participants in each class form a community of learners and learn from one another through focused conversations.
  3. Our eCourses are experiential. Opportunities are given to practice new ideas and methods before sharing with others.
  4. Opportunities are provided for reflection, and then, sharing of ideas, thoughts and experience.
  5. All courses are evidence-based and draw on the latest research.
  6. Our instructors are hand-picked as a result of their expertise and experience and they are very active during the eCourse.
  7. We love to focus on strengths, well-being and what is working. So, course content is influenced by the latest findings in positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and spirit at work.
  8. Let us know how we can help. Please contact Val Kinjerski with any concerns or questions.

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