Our online eCourses are only being offered by demand. Get together a team or a group of interested people and we will facilitate a course for you at a time that is convenient. We plan to begin offering eCourse to individuals again in 2019. In the meantime, all of our Self-studies are available and qualify for Category A credit.

EC1301: The Power of Gratitude: The Research and the Practice – On Demand

The ability to notice, appreciate and savor the elements of life is an essential determinant of well-being. Gratitude can be an avenue to greater happiness, hope and health for ourselves and our clients. But, we are not born being grateful. It is something that we learn and develop throughout our lives. This 4-week, 12-hour eCourse introduces the research on gratitude: what it is, the benefits, and how to cultivate it at home and at work. Learn more.

EC1302: The Ethical Imperative of Helper Self-Care – On Demand

These are hard times for many of us. We face stressors in our workplaces, our work with clients, and our own lives. When pressed for time or exhausted, it’s easy to let our own self-care slip. But we are at our best at work only when we are at our best personally. This 3-week, 10-hour eCourse examines the ethical imperative of helper self-care and its relation to competent service delivery. We reflect on how we might create personal and organizational cultures of self-care, and explore some current trends and pioneering research in the study of compassion.  Learn more.

EC1303: Flourishing: How to Create Spirit at Work – On Demand

What is it that allows one to flourish at work? To be fully engaged, energized and excited about work? Find fulfillment through work and know that you are making a difference? This is spirit at work and the power is within each of us to create it, simply by rethinking our work. This 6-week, 18-hour eCourse examines what spirit at work is, how it develops, and proven ways to foster it. Learn more.

EC1304: (re)Constructing Well-Being – On Demand

How do we nurture well-being in ourselves and those we serve? How do we nurture the meaning that brought us to this work, and the positive emotions that give us energy to show up everyday? This 8-week, 16-hour eCourse examines possibilities, based on scientific findings, for tilting life paths toward meaning and connection, and upward spirals of hope and well-being. It introduces the science of well-being and applications that lead to greater satisfaction and meaning in life. Learn more.

 EC1305:  Mindfulness: The Present Moment – On Demand

How do we shift from running on autopilot and feeling stressed to being present, focused and calm? How do we cultivate mindfulness for ourselves and those we serve? Mindfulness is about being fully present with non-judgment, openness and acceptance. A mindfulness practice is proving to be a remarkably powerful technique to help us to deal with the personal challenges of living in an ever-changing, uncertain world. This interactive and experiential, 6-week, 12-hour eCourse based on scientific findings examines mindfulness: what it is, how and who it benefits, and the practice. Learn more.

 EC1307: Knowing and Leading Self: The Leading Edge On Demand

The most effective leaders are those who truly know and understand themselves, and are highly aware of their own inner strengths, values, assumptions, and beliefs. Leaders who consciously foster self awareness and personal mastery tend to be far more effective when navigating organizational challenges, uncertainty, transitions, and new opportunities. This 6-week, 12-hour self leadership eCourse is designed to assist with deepening personal awareness and inner knowing as a means of cultivating effective self leadership skills, inner resourcefulness, and professional best practices. Learn more.

EC1308: The Mindful Leader: Cultivating Leadership Presence – On Demand

Mindfulness is fitness for the mind.  As a leadership practice, mindfulness is proving to be a remarkably powerful technique to help us to deal with the complexities of leading in an ever-changing, uncertain world. This systematic training of the mind cultivates leadership presence – that ability to be focused, clear, creative, and compassionate. This interactive and experiential, 6-week, 12-hour eCourse explores how to use mindfulness to create a leadership presence. Learn more.

EC1309: Positive Change: Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry – On Demand

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an approach to positive change where the focus is on what works, what energizes, and what gives life when we function at our best. In this 8-hour, 4-week eCourse, you will learn about the origins of AI, its principles and assumptions, and positive change cycle. You’ll listen to videos of top thought leaders, and learn what makes AI a transformative change process. You’ll also practice some of the skills associated with AI and participate in discussions that take you through a mini-version of the positive change cycle. Learn more.

EC1310: A Personal Guide to Workplace Wellness & Resilience – On Demand

Workplace wellness matters and it begins with our own well-being and resilience. This interactive and experiential, 6-week, 12-hour eCourse will explore current, leading research and topics related to enhancing personal workplace wellness & resilience best practices that are both attainable and sustainable. Concepts such as the triangle of well-being and resiliency, the healthy mind platter, river of integration and mindsight will be introduced and discussed. Learn more.

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