Flourishing: How to Create Spirit at Work

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What is it that allows you or your clients to flourish at work? To be fully engaged, energized and excited about work? Find fulfilment through work and know that you are making a difference? This is spirit at work and the power is within each of us to create it, simply by rethinking our work.

Spirit at work is about being fully engaged in and finding meaning and fulfillment through work. It involves profound feelings of well-being, a belief that one’s work makes a contribution, and a sense of connection to others and common purpose.

This evidence-based eCourse draws upon the book, Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters, by Val Kinjerski, PhD, RSW and the latest findings in the field of positive psychology. The research shows that spirit at work is available to everyone and can and should be fostered.

This intermediate level Course, suitable for  social workers assisting clients with work issues, examines what spirit at work is, how it develops, and proven ways to foster it. While exploring your own spirit at work and the proven methods to increase it, you will be in a better position to help others attain the same.

In this Course, a four-step process is followed.

  1. Introduction of the concept and supporting research.
  2. Application of some of the strategies at a personal level.
  3. Examination of how the application of this strategy impacts the people we serve, whether that is our clients, students, or employees.
  4. Exploration of how this knowledge and these strategies can be used with our clients.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe spirit at work, including the four dimensions that comprise spirit at work.
  2. Examine how defining moments impact one’s world view and career choice.
  3. Explain the four paths to spirit at work and be able to identify the path someone is on.
  4. Identify four key actions to foster spirit at work.
  5. Examine how to create spirit at work with your clients.

Instructor: Val Kinjerski, MSW, PhD, RSW is a leading authority on the topic of Spirit at Work. Prior to dedicating herself to the creation of spirit at work, Val held social work positions ranging from front-line to program development to senior management. She is the author of Rethinking your Work.

CE Credit: Upon successful completion of this six -week online course, Social Workers will receive 18 Category “A” credits under the ACSW competence requirements. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the discussion questions, post-test and course evaluation.

How it Works: This 18-hour, 6-week eCourse is presented in six parts, one each week. It includes videos, self-assessments, readings, facilitated e-discussions, a post-test and evaluation. You can expect to put in an average of three hours per week.

Regular Fee: $399. Early bird: $299. Book included. No charge for post test and continuing education certificate.

Registration:  Fill in the registration form and email to info@kaizensolutions.org or fax to 780.459.8867. Close to the start date, you will be sent an invitation with instructions on how to sign in and get started.

Cancellation: Refunds (minus a $50 processing fee) are available. Please note: refunds are not available once access to the course has been given.

Accessibility: Please contact us directly if you require accessibility accommodations.

Post test & Evaluation:The post test is open book and you have three chances to succeed. Access the post test will be made available upon registration.

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