Who We Are

At eLearning to Flourish by Kaizen Solutions, we are excited by the latest research about how to flourish, in our personal lives, at work, and in our community. We are thrilled to bring the latest findings in positive psychology and brain neuroplasticity to our passions of well-being, spirit at work, and leadership to you through our eCourses and Self-Studies.

eLearning to Flourish offers distance learning that is flexible, interactive and transformative. Our courses provide opportunities to pause and consider how the latest contributions of thought and research leaders might elevate you and your work. To draw on the expertise of others and to extend our offerings, we partner with a network of skilled professionals who offer a unique approach to delivering online courses.

About Kaizen Solutions

Kaizen is an approach, a way of thinking. Kaizen comes from the words, “Renew the heart and make it good.” Taken from the words “Kai” (continuous) and “zen” (improvement), kaizen is often translated as “ongoing, continuous improvement.” This means continuing improvement in one’s personal, home, social, and work life.

The notion of Solutions is also a mindset. We seldom find the right solutions by studying problems. A focus on solutions necessitates attention towards that which is working, previous positive experiences, strengths of the individuals and organization, assets, and potential. Thus, the draw to positive psychology and appreciative inquiry.

Our Course Facilitators

Kaizen Solutions brings together like-minded professionals to offer online courses and home studies that help people flourish by (re)awakening the human spirit. We like to call ourselves Partners for eLearning.

Val Kinjerski, PhD

Val Kinjerski, PhD

Hello, I am Val Kinjerski, founder of Kaizen Solutions and eLearning to Flourish.  I have a PhD. in Human Ecology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. I am also a registered social worker. I have worked in human services for 35 years, in positions ranging from front line to senior management, to consultant and educator.

My passion is helping individuals to flourish – in their personal lives and at work. Since 2000, my focus has been on the creation of spirit at work – that sense that we are fully engaged in and energized by our work.  This unwavering interest builds on a life-long interest in employee and organizational wellness.

I created eLearning to Flourish by Kaizen Solutions to provide individuals with a way participate in online eCourses and Self-Studies that (re)awaken the human spirit and at the same time, collect CEUs.

I am the author of Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters, a contributing author to two books, and have several publications. I live in Alberta with my husband, Fred.

Joy L. Salmon, PhD

Joy Salmon, PhD

Joy has worked in public, nonprofit and private sectors in a variety of roles, from direct services to administration; she has also created and taught online courses at universities.  She has a PhD. in Counseling Psychology & Human Systems and is a licensed psychologist.  She lives with her husband in Nevada.

Katharine Weinmann, MSW, RSW

Katharine Weinmann

Katharine has a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) designation with the International Association of Facilitators, the global, standard-setting and accreditation body.  With three decades of experience in process design and group facilitation and, trained in the Art of Hosting, she now brings her skills and talents into multiple sector contexts to help people creatively work together to address complex issues. She lives with her husband in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Jeanie Paterson, MA, CPC

Jeanie Paterson

Facilitator, Coach & Thought Partner, Jeanie is deeply committed to helping others make empowering professional and personal choices that support their capacity to THRIVE.  She has a MA in Leadership Studies, is Certified as a Professional Coach, and an accredited facilitator of Appreciative Inquiry, Personality Dimensions, and Coaching Out of the Box®. She has taught similar coursework as an associate faculty member of both Royal Roads and Vancouver Island Universities. She lives with her husband in Nanaimo, BC.

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